At the heart of The Ohio Mint, raw silver is skillfully transformed into exquisite silver rounds ideal for investors, stackers and collectors. Each step in the process plays a pivotal role in creating our prized offerings – our house specialties, the Indian Buffalos or "Buffs" and Walking Liberties or "Walkers". These emblematic designs embody the expertise and dedication that we infuse into every piece that leaves our mint.

Professionals navigating the silver market, including coin dealers and bullion dealers, regularly utilize the superior services of The Ohio Mint. Our commitment to quality and precision, demonstrated through our exceptional minting process, positions us as a trusted partner for those seeking top-tier silver products. Whether it's the intricate detail of our "Buffs" or the elegance of our "Walkers", we strive to deliver the very best in silver minting.



Across the globe, you’ll find a glittering tapestry of silver mines, from the historic heartlands of Mexico and Peru to the dynamic powerhouses of China and Australia, down to the rich landscapes of Chile. Each of these countries isn’t just famous for their vibrant culture and breathtaking sights, but they are also celebrated as the leading producers of this precious metal.

Bursting with abundant, well-established mining sectors, these nations confidently stand among the top silver suppliers of the world. The Ohio Mint captures the essence of all these diverse lands, bringing you the finest silver from each and every one of them. Immerse yourself in the global symphony of silver we offer – it’s not just about minting coins, it’s about embarking on a worldwide journey.


Unlocking the glimmering beauty of silver is no small feat; it’s an art and science orchestrated in a process known as smelting. Imagine the raw ore surrendering to the intense heat, melting down, and setting free the silver from its ties to impurities. Pure silver, with its denser nature, descends to the furnace bottom while the lighter slag rises, ready to be skimmed off.

Once the silver has danced with fire and emerged purified, it takes a rest. It is cast into diverse forms, hardened, ready for its transformation into beautiful bars. But the journey isn’t over yet; these gleaming bars must prove their mettle through rigorous quality and purity checks. And for those seeking absolute perfection, the silver can undergo further refining to reach the pinnacle of purity.

Only when silver reaches this high purity standard, it earns the honor of becoming bullion coins. The specific process of refinement varies, designed around the silver ore type and the purity level aspired. The Ohio Mint, where silver purity is our pride, employs both .999 and .9999 pure silver in its coin production, a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.

striking silver coins


“Minting” – it’s the intricate ballet of transformation that turns raw silver into exquisitely stamped rounds. It’s a layered process comprising several distinct steps: casting, blanking, and striking, among others followed by examining the finished product.

In the casting stage, pure silver gets melted and then extruded into strip that serves as the base for subsequent operations. The second act, blanking, sees this silver strip punched into rounds. These resultant blanks are polished and weighed meticulously, ensuring their suitability for the next stage.

The curtain then rises on striking, where the blanks encounter dies engraved with the chosen design. Exposed to high pressure, the design is imprinted from the dies onto the blanks, bringing a finished silver round to life in the heart of our mint.

Lastly, the newly-minted rounds face a critical inspection for defects and quality. Only those that pass this scrutiny get packaged, ready to be delivered from our mint to you. Here at The Ohio Mint, the alchemy of minting transforms the raw charm of silver into stunning works of art.


Silver Rounds are a relatively inexpensive precious metal with numerous applications, high industrial demand, and a desireable tangible asset. While it, like any investment, carries some risks, it can be a smart option for people wishing to diversify their portfolios and invest in a real asset.

  • Silver rounds are an accessible avenue into the world of precious metal investments. They offer a less costly alternative to gold, making them an ideal choice for investors seeking entry into precious metals without a substantial upfront capital requirement.
  • The versatility of silver as an investment is noteworthy. It serves multiple roles: an inflation hedge, a portfolio diversifier, and a store of value. This adaptability enhances its attractiveness for a wide array of investment strategies.
  • Moreover, silver’s extensive industrial applications set it apart from other precious metals like gold, which are primarily utilized for jewelry and investment purposes. With its applications spanning electronics, medicine, and solar panels, the demand for silver extends beyond its worth as a precious metal, contributing to its investment stability.
  • Adding to its appeal, silver is a tangible asset. Unlike stocks and bonds, it’s a physical commodity you can hold, making it particularly appealing to those who appreciate a tactile representation of their investments.
  • Finally, silver is a liquid asset. Silver bullion is easily bought, sold, and converted into cash when needed, ensuring flexibility and ease of access to your investment at all times. Investing in silver can offer a balanced combination of accessibility, versatility, stability, tangibility, and liquidity.