At The Ohio Mint, we take raw silver and skillfully craft it into high-quality silver rounds and bars that appeal to investors, collectors, and those who value precious metals. Each step of our process is essential in creating our signature products: the Indian Buffalos, also known as "Buffs," and the Walking Liberties, also known as "Walkers." These designs reflect the expertise and care we put into every piece we produce.

Our services are trusted by professionals in the silver market, including coin and bullion dealers. Our commitment to quality and precision is evident in our minting process, making us a reliable partner for those looking for top-notch silver products. Whether you appreciate the details of our "Buffs" or the classic look of our "Walkers," we're dedicated to providing the best in silver minting.



Around the world, ore is extracted from a diverse range of silver mines stretching from the historic heartlands of Mexico and Peru to the dynamic powerhouses of China and Australia, and down to the resource-rich landscapes of Chile. These countries are renowned not only for their vibrant cultures and breathtaking scenery but also for their significant contributions as leading silver producers.

With well-established mining industries, these nations proudly rank among the world’s top silver suppliers. The Ohio Mint encapsulates the essence of these varied lands, delivering the finest silver products. 


Unlocking the intrinsic beauty of silver is a meticulous process that blends art and science, known as smelting. Picture raw ore yielding to intense heat, melting and freeing the silver from impurities. The purer silver settles at the furnace’s bottom while lighter slag rises, to be removed.

After purification, the silver is cast into various forms, solidified, and prepared for its transformation into bars. But the journey continues as these bars undergo strict quality and purity checks. For those seeking ultimate purity, further refining can be done.

Only silver meeting the highest purity standards becomes bullion coins. The refinement process varies based on the silver ore and desired purity level. At The Ohio Mint, known for silver purity, we use both .999 and .9999 pure silver for coin production, showcasing our commitment to quality.

striking silver coins


“Minting” refers to the process that transforms purified silver into finely stamped rounds. This multi-step procedure includes casting, blanking, striking, and final inspection.

In the casting phase, pure silver is melted and shaped into a strip, forming the foundation for subsequent steps. During blanking, this strip is punched into round shapes. These blanks undergo careful polishing and weighing to ensure suitability for the next phase.

The striking phase follows, where engraved dies impress the chosen design onto the blanks under high pressure. This brings forth a complete silver round within our mint.

Lastly, the freshly minted rounds undergo a thorough quality inspection for defects. Only those that meet the standards are packaged in air-tight tubes and prepared for delivery. At The Ohio Mint, the process of minting is a detailed effort that produces artistic pieces.


Silver Rounds present an affordable opportunity within the realm of precious metals, serving various purposes due to its widespread industrial applications and tangible nature. While all investments carry inherent risks, silver rounds can be a prudent choice for diversifying portfolios and investing in tangible assets.

  • Silver rounds provide an accessible gateway to precious metal investment. They offer a cost-effective alternative to gold, making them attractive to investors aiming to enter the precious metals market without a significant initial investment.
  • The versatility of silver as an investment is significant. It functions as a hedge against inflation, a means of diversification, and a store of value. This adaptability makes it appealing to a broad range of investment strategies.
  • Additionally, silver’s extensive industrial uses distinguish it from other precious metals like gold, which are primarily associated with jewelry and investment. Silver’s applications in electronics, medicine, and renewable energy, such as solar panels, contribute to its investment stability beyond its inherent value.
  • Furthermore, silver’s appeal lies in its tangibility. Unlike stocks and bonds, it’s a tangible asset that can be physically held, appealing to those who prefer a tangible representation of their investments.
  • Lastly, silver is a liquid asset. Silver bullion can be easily bought, sold, and converted into cash as needed, providing flexibility and quick access to your investment. Investing in silver offers a balanced blend of accessibility, versatility, stability, tangibility, and liquidity.